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    All From Boats USA

    All of our recycled boatwood furniture is made completely from retired fishing boat boatwood. Each piece, like our MAX chair shown here, is one of a kind, finished by time and nature.

    All From Boats USA is your one stop All From Boats source, offering both wholesale and retail pricing!

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    Complete Collection, Large Inventory

    All From Boats USA has every boatwood piece you could ever want or need. And if we don't have it in stock - we can get it for you! Wardrobes to benches, stools to mirrors, our collection is the most complete in the USA.

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    Fair Trade

    All From Boats USA believes in fair trade. We have long established relationships with fishing villages all over the Indonesian archipelago. When a fishing boat is no longer seaworthy - or repairable, the villages sell them to us for many months wages. Not bad for a material that would have been burned for cooking fuel!

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All About All From Boats USA

Recycled, Reclaimed Boatwood Furniture

What is "boatwood"? Boatwood is a term we here at All From Boats USA use for woods reclaimed from retired, traditional Indonesian fishing boats. When we find them, these boats are at the end of their seaworthiness. When at one time, they would have ended up as kindling, we purchase the boats from native fishermen, often providing them several months wages and put them on the path to a new boat to continue their craft.

One of a Kind!

All of our products are unique in color and finish. Each piece is made entirely from recycled and reclaimed fishing boats and are never re-painted. All of our photographs are for example only, and do not reflect the actual finish or color of the stock available. If you require an image of the actual product, please email before ordering.

AFB USA and Warehouse 2120

Warehouse 2120, All From Boats USA

All From Boats uses the harvested boatwood to create wonderful and romantic boatwood furniture. This boatwood furniture is made entirely from recycled and reclaimed materials by highly skilled craftsmen. Each boatwood furniture piece is heirloom quality and made to last several lifetimes. Warehouse 2120 is the largest All From Boats USA dealer and distributorship in our United States, earning the right to use the moniker All From Boats USA. Warehouse 2120 is a retail and wholesale team that is dedicated to bringing a "Rescued Home Goods", or recycled and reclaimed, concept to the market place. As a team, we strive to seek out and encourage Artisans and Craftsman to rethink and re purpose everyday items, (and some not so everyday!) and bring them to the retail marketplace with passion and a hip flair!

All From Boats has just that passion for finding and re-purposing fishing boats on the island of Bali. We are pleased to represent this amazing company, All From Boats, here in the United States. All From Boats USA is committed to supplying exceptional quality, Eco friendly and design oriented boatwood furniture. We firmly believe that our furniture has a positive effect on countering the rate the planet's resources are being used up and a positive effect on the communities from which the materials are sourced.

We have been selling this fabulous, recycled and reclaimed boatwood furniture since May 2010. We believe you will find our furniture collection to be beautifully crafted functional furniture . . . as well one of a kind pieces of boatwood art.

We thank you for your patronage.



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